483 Seppina

Seppina was discovered by Max Wolf, in Heidelberg, on 4th March 1902. Seppina is a minor planet and cybele asteroid. Seppina was named after his pet dog. Seppina’s designation is 483 Seppina.

Seppina has a diameter of 74 km, a magnitude of 14.5 mag and an hourly dRA of 1.312s. The epoch of Seppina is on 18th August, 2005 (JDCT 2453600.5). The Hourly dRA is an asteroid’s hourly change in the Right Ascension direction expressed in seconds of time. Seppina takes 6 years and 120.5 days to orbit the sun at a distance between 3.235 AU (484 million km) and 3.609 AU (540 million km).

On 7th July 2004, between 11:31 and 11:45 UTC, Seppina passed in front of a star in the constellation of Virgo. The occultation of TYC 0305-00664-1, an 11.0 mag star, caused a drop of 3.5 mag (to 14.5 mag) for 4.6 seconds for observers along a path across Australia and New Zealand.

Seppina occulted the star GSC 0420-00280 in the constellation of Ophiuchus on 24th June 2005 for 5.8 seconds for observers along a path across Bulgaria, Italy, France and Portugal. Seppina also occulted the star TYC 5242-00635-1 in the constellation of Pisces on 30th August 2006 for 4.9 seconds for observers along a path across Tasmania.

Cybele asteroids are a group of asteroids in the main belt with a mean orbital radius between 3.27 AU and 3.7 AU, an eccentricity less than 0.3, and an inclination less than 25°.